Limone is recognized by a vast majority of people as a popular tourist destination. A charming little village in the province of Cuneo, it is considered the “pearl of the Provincia Granda (or Large Province)“, one of the oldest alpine tourist destinations of Italy. Located between the French Riviera and the Liguria Riviera, in the summer and winter it offers a large amount of activities and leisures.

The renowned “Riserva Bianca” ski resort of Limone Piemonte, boasts 80 km of slopes, of which a good part with new facilities, is for all levels from beginners to more experienced skiers.

In the summer it offers 400 km of paths, where you can do every type of activities: trails for walking, mountain biking or horseback riding. Do not forget the nearby “Valle delle Meraviglie”, place rich in fauna and flora, immersed in variegated landscapes, characterize by numerous lakes. It is also a renowned archaeological site where you can admire countless rock carvings.

Thanks to its favourable location Limone Piemonte is nicknamed “the town in the snow, but near the sea“.

It is also known for its Occitan “culture” and culinary “tradition” characterized by age-old alpine flavours, creating unique dishes. Taste, flavours and tradition, the goodness of the typical Piedmont cuisine combined with excellent wine: a winning combination to satisfy even the most refined palates.

“When men and mountains meet, great things happen.”

William Blake